Preschool Programs

BollyKids (3-5yrs)


BollyKids is a sensational movement-based journey through the rich world of India that promotes social inclusion, cultural diversity and empathy. Shyamla shows how the sights, smells and sounds of Indian culture inspire Bollywood dancing. Children wear costumes and experience Bollywood dance moves, Indian languages, spices, numbers, music, storytelling with traditional hand gestures and a touch of magic. Bollykids builds cross-cultural connections and teaches children how to:

  1. Make people from other countries feel welcome
  2. Embrace and appreciate difference
  3. Be empathetic and use kind words that help others to develop a sense of belonging.

Shyamla draws on intensive dance training in India, personal accounts of discrimmination and three decades of dance experience to present this immersive cultural experience. She teaches that all cultures should be represented, appreciated and celebrated!

Cost: $350 + GST ($35) = $385
Hands-on program designed for a MAXIMUM of 40 children aged from 3 to 5 years. This program is especially designed for children starting school.

The Bollydance Express Show (2-5yrs)


All aboard the The Bollydance Express Show train! A wondrous movement-based journey through India from South to North. Join Shy and her animal friends to explore jungles, cities, deserts and mountains, dancing at each stop along the way. Through story and song children learn how to speak Hindi, express rhythm and shake it like a Bollywood star!

Dance Through India promotes cross-cultural education, self-expression and the importance of traveling and trying new things. Shyamla draws on her recent travels through India and three decades of dance experience to present this unique cultural show guaranteed to have audiences clapping and shimmying along!

Cost: $450 + GST ($45)  = $495
Show suitable for audiences of up to 60 children aged from 2 to 5 years. This show is for larger and/or younger audiences.